Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

I write a makeup column for and each Monday, I do a Manic Makeup Monday article, answering readers’ questions. Today’s question was “When to throw away your makeup.”

I have massive issues with a lack of hygienic practices that we’re all guilty of and this particular article brought me to point out the use of makeup brushes and sponges versus direct hand cosmetic application. Which brings me to this DIY project, because makeup brushes should always be stored upright.

Items Needed:
  1. Glass Container (Square or Rectangular)
  2. Glass Beads or Coffee Beans or River Rocks

I’m guessing that we’re all familiar with makeup brush holders and their expense. Which, quite frankly, is one the most unnecessary things to purchase because the main item that you need is most likely collecting dust in your abode. Almost everyone has a glass vase or container shoved in a cabinet. If you don’t, glass containers are fairly inexpensive to purchase at your local craft store or even to pickup at a yard sale.

Grab your container. My preference for this DIY project is a rectangular container because it offers more room for my makeup brushes and is actually a more efficient use of counter space for me. 

Empty the glass beads or coffee beans or whatever small item that you’ve chosen, into the container. This is the opportunity where you can get creative. The first time that I made a makeup brush container, I used river rocks to match my bathroom décor. I’ve also used coffee beans, because I love the smell. 

Once you’ve filled your container, about 2/3 full, its time to arrange your makeup brushes. Make sure to leave room in between your brushes. Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative and use your imagination. Check out a few different styles below!


  1. Hi where did you get the beads/what are they called? They look perfect for what I'm looking for :)

    1. Hi Kat T.

      The beads are glass. They can be picked up at your local craft store. :)